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Rental Listing Plans

There are at least 3 ways your home will rent. All our fees are paid at closing NOT upfront

You find the tenant

We find the tenant

An agent from another realty brings the tenant

rent house in new jersey

The amount you pay at signing the lease depends on where your tenant comes from. All the fees are paid at closing NOT upfront

  • If YOU show & rent, you pay only MLS* listing fee- $99
  • If WE show & rent, you pay $99 listing fee + $99 our fee
  • If an AGENT from another realty show & rents, you pay $99 Listing fee + $399 commission to that agent

Listing fee includes Full Marketing & Document Preparation

  • Provide Customized Rent Estimate Report.
  • Listings on local MLS, Zillow and hundreds of websites.
  • Digital, Email & Social media marketing.
  • Printable color flyer and custom property website.
  • Photo editing and Listing description writing.
  • Install a professional "For Rent" yard sign.
  • Handle inquiries, Show your property, and Collect feedback
  • Rent negotiation & Collect applications
  • Tenant screening/background checks
  • Employment info & Credit report
  • Rental & Eviction history
  • Draft the lease agreement
  • Collect security deposit and first month's rent
If you show the home, the moment a prospective tenant expresses an interest in renting, we will take over. We do tenant’s background check, credit report, agreement drafting, and deposit & first month’s rent collection for you.

By listing with us, you always reserve the right to rent the property on your own to a tenant not working with an agent. If this happens, no commission is due to the tenant’s agent.

We are 100% local New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Agents providing alternative to rent based commission listing by offering many choices for a low flat fee payable at closing.

No upfront fee, No Rental Commission, Cancel any time

Your Lovi experience will meet or exceed your rental expectations

Call 732 612 2122 or visit Lovirealty.com to list your rental home for just $99